• Holding your hand while you find your feet

  • Are you struggling with adjusting to a new city or country? Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, lonely, lost, and somewhat desperate? Would you like to have an easier journey? Would you like to feel complete and settle much faster in your new area?

    • Transform your Life

      In the Detox your Mind and Transform Your Life Breakthrough Program you will discover the real cause of the problem that’s holding you back. My Mind Master uses neuroscience and holistic therapies to help you achieve success in ALL areas of life.

    • Conscious Parenting

      The Conscious Parenting Programming enlightens immigrant parents to build beautiful, positive relationships with their children. A strong and positive parent-child bond can improve the family’s adjustment and can serve as a protective component during the immigration process, as well as the child(ren)’s social and psychological development.

    • Keep Moving Forward

      At My Mind Master you will find exclusive programs to support you during the most challenging phase of your life, the immigration. From the time when you think immigration is an option to the settle down in the new area. My Mind Master will hold your hand while you find your feet.

    • Immigrantpreneur

      The Immigrantpreneur Program was developed to help the immigrant entrepreneur to find business clarity, acquire emotional intelligence, build strong business networks, explore innovative ideas, and learn to succeed as an entrepreneur.

    • Global Leader

      One of the greatest challenges leaders face is when they move to a new company overseas. They become an “expat”, an immigrant, and an outsider who comes to fix and improve the current business situation.

  • Based in Perth, Western Australia, My Mind Master is a personal mind trainer, helping you unlock your mind so you can overcome your obstacles, master your desires, and achieve your goals.


  • Testimonials

    • “Cema’s help has been fundamental in the success of my life!”

      – Juliana Areias, Perth, Australia
    • “Thank you so much Cema for the amazing breakthrough session”

      – Sharon Midgley, Vancouver, Canada
    • “Cema is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in alleviating my personal issues.”

      - Maria Elliot – Las Vegas, USA
    • “I have an overwhelming feeling of joy! Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your guidance.”

      - Gisele Beyerman, Sydney, Australia
    • “Cema, even though you are in the other side of the world, you could help me! Congratulations for the amazing job!”

      - Natalia Benavides, Gramado, Brazil
    • “The meditation, exercises and advise she gave us leading up to the birth was so calming and amazing – so much so we wanted her with us at the birth.”

      - Daniela, Tim & Donato - Perth WA
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