• “When I first went to see Cema I looked like I was doing okay, but underneath I was struggling. My home life was chaotic, I was losing my temper easily, I was clashing with my eldest son, and I was struggling to fit everything into the day. I was tired, short-tempered, stressed and anxious. Cema immediately identified my issues and calmly, patiently and sensitively dealt with them one by one using timeline therapy. We had four sessions together and in that time she has transformed my life completely. I am calmer, more understanding, better organised and more positive than ever before. Cema taught me how to cope with the day-to-day and how to achieve my life goals. I have not stopped smiling since I met Cema; I even stand taller. I am now training to become a fitness instructor, writing a book, and being the best mum I can be to my three children. Cema is wonderful, and thanks to her, my life is too.” 

    – Lisa Shearon, Perth, Australia

    “In my opinion one of the key factors is your care and attention coupled with your knowledge and great expertise in your area. The whole orientation that I received, and the support made sense in words and actions. Without a doubt your services were very important at that moment in my life, and until today it makes a huge difference in my life.

    With such care and patience the benefits that I obtained was the belief that I continued to believe that I could breast feed my baby, even when I was already tired of many failed attempts to breast feed. The results could not be other than: my baby and I won the challenges we faced with breast-feeding. All these rewards thanks to the professional help of Cema.

    I recommend the friend and professional Cema to all the mothers, not only the newbie ones like me. I recommend Cema to all those mums who are faced with unexpected maternity surprises.”

    – Ana Paula Araujo, Perth, Australia

    “I, recently had proof of this… I allowed my mind to control my body, to “drag” me down, to drive me to distraction so that “I would lose control over the reins of my life” notwithstanding that, Cema you were there for me… And on becoming aware of the situation, even though you were at the other side of the world, you helped me! As I accepted your help… And with that I learnt:  to accept to take the reins over my mind! 
    I still have a lot to learn… Let’s continue to work together… And I hope I can very soon, sooner than later meet with you again and to be able to give you a big strong hug and say “thank you”!  
    Congratulations on your incredible work! 
    I hope that many more people will have the pleasure of meeting with you and of accepting to take the reins over their life.

    – Natalia Benavides, Gramado, Brazil

    “The neuro-linguistic work that the Cema did with me was a key part in my life, both personally and professionally. Thanks to her I could realize that in fact we are what we think and feel. By giving me the opportunity to review my  line of thoughts and feelings,  and also to recreate,  then  Cema  has helped me to open the door to understanding of my wishes and true desires; to believe in myself and to realise out that everything we want, consciously or unconsciously, reflects on our lives.

    Her help was, and has been, fundamental in the success of my life to find and to recognise the right person to be with me by my side and in regards to my first authorial musical album recording, which was an unobtainable dream for 15 years. The dream is now a reality. Thanks to her help, I can continue conquer great success, like my nomination for the “Best World Music Act” of 2015 and a performance I did last September at the Sydney Opera House.

    Thank you for your work and for being the true person that you are; a person who not only teaches, but applies, vibrates and lives her own life through daily and wonderful transformation. I’m your fan.

    Eternally grateful to you for being a part of this massive trajectory, endless kisses for your heart and soul, Ju:)”

    – Juliana Areias, Perth, Australia

    “Thank-you so much Cema for the amazing breakthrough session. My husband and I have created a new, deeper relationship after thirty-two years of marriage. Work relationships are also flowing easily and effortlessly and I’m having a lot more FUN!”

    – Sharon Midgley, Vancouver, Canada

    “I have had the opportunity to work with Cema as a Master practitioner of NLP, TLT and Hypnosis. She is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in alleviating my personal issues”  

    – Maria Elliot – Las Vegas, USA

    “Cema was and is intuitive, professional, understanding and has a wonderful energy with solid techniques and perfect instructions.
    She is always respectful of how you are feeling each session and knows what you need when you need it, even if you don’t know it yourself.

    I am feeling lifted and energized. I feel my awareness has been taken to another level. I have an overwhelming feeling of joy! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your guidance.”

    An absolute pleasure!”

    – Gisele Beyerman, Sydney, Australia


    “I am very happy and grateful for your excellent work helping me to find myself again. Today I feel strong and free. Thank you very much for  teaching  me the way!”

    – Priscila Bongiovani, Florida, USA


    “I was confident in working with you Cema, due to the excellent reviews and testimonials past clients have written about you. I was unsure about the ‘process’ of the work we would be undertaking. Only because it was new to me, I did not know anyone personally who had worked with you previously and there was the uncertainty of the unknown.

    I really needed to overcome my anxiety and felt determined to make it happen. So glad I did! And I have noticed a change in me. Everyday, I notice things I am doing differently than I used to, before we started our sessions. I am able to reflect on events of the day, with no associated negative feelings (guilt, regret, shame etc) when I responded or acted in situations. This tells me that I am taking a moment and looking from the outside in to learn or change the situation. Rather than being reactive and adding to any conflict or negativity.

    I would especially recommend your services to anyone who acknowledges they want to make a positive change within themselves”

    – G.T., Western Australia


    “It took us 5 years to get pregnant and so when we did – we wanted to make sure we did everything we could to have the ideal birth for our baby boy. We had researched Doula’s and had spoken to friends who had used them in the past overseas and so we wanted to find someone here to help us. We were then put in contact with Cema and we are so glad we had here. The meditation, exercises and advise she gave us leading up to the birth was so calming and amazing – so much so we wanted her with us at the birth. We now have a beautiful son and Cema still comes over to make sure everything is ok – and we will be ever grateful for all she has done for us… Hopefully that is the only the first of many new additions to our family she helps us with!”

    -Daniela, Tim & Donato, Perth, Australia

    “Initially, I hesitated to work with Cema due to the unknown. Not knowing what Cema Santos represents or what NLP was all about and how it would benefit me. And having spoken to Cema over the phone, she explained what the sessions with her will be like, how it would help me, and she created scenarios as to how the sessions can help me.

    During the work I did with Cema, I learned interesting things, and it might sound funny, but I really fall into a deep sleep while doing my gratitude and wake up feeling grateful too. I aim at not looking at my phone an hour before going to bed and an hour after getting up.

    I feel we all carry with us some ‘baggage’ with us. And working with Cema can help lighten this baggage, be happier in life and stronger. So I would recommend this to family, friends, and acquaintances.”

    -G.K., Perth, Western Australia


    I approached Cema because I was invited to speak at Corpus Christ College in front of about 350 people. I’m phobic of public speaking so instead of saying no ( which I had always done before) I decided to try hypnotherapy as a solution. Ringing around for a recommendation led me to Cema Santos via Remede in Mosman Park.

     Cema agreed to work with this problem but explained that she had more to offer. I went along because she sounded like a good person over the phone, and it felt that it would work out OK. I will add that I have never sought therapy or coaching before. My life was pretty good to date.

    At our first session certain reasons for my fear of public speaking revealed themselves. These were strongly fortified within my past and my subconscious. My conscious mind was unaware of this. No one was more surprised than me. Cema led me to see these things, then helped me to dissolve their power over my conscious actions. The reaction of fear to the thought of making a speech was dissolved. Anxiety and adrenalin remained but phobic fear was gone.  Normally I felt uncomfortable talking out within a group of more than 4. In the following weeks this proved to be gone. Of course that made me very happy. I feel this made me appear a more friendly person because I was less ‘uptight’

     Following sessions led to;

    Clarity of goals,

    Understanding of self worth

    Understanding my place in a much greater macrocosm Ways of connecting to my true thoughts Seeing things from a viewpoint of love and connection.

     After my sessions with Cema I gave my public address. I felt nurtured by the people there instead of threatened, and so I enjoyed giving my talk!

    That’s a far cry from being so overcome my throat and breathing would constrict!! Next step would be wishing that the floor would swallow me whole!! So – A1 success, I actually had fun.

     I write this after as my testimonial to the great things Cema can do after experiencing the living proof. Understandably such sessions are of a highly personal nature and require an environment of trust and privacy, which I felt confident of with Cema.

    An assurance of this is important.  An open mind is a good tool for the client. I’m not sure how Cema would work with people of very fixed thinking. People with early childhood significant memory loss due to trauma. People with clinical mental disorders. People who have no real wish for change.

     But if you need a firm , kind, patient and mothering hand to help you overcome blockages, to acquaint yourself with a truer path, then Cema is your person. I would recommend her for such things as; Phobias, Life path impass, Setting goals and strategies Self belief issues Depression Relationship issues.”

     C.B., Perth, Australia