• Life in the new country brings new dreams!

    Immigration, itself, is an entrepreneurial act, an act of courage to leave a part of life behind and start another one in the new area. That is why immigrants have a long history of starting  businesses in their new area and finding more entrepreneurial opportunities than the native-born citizens. They come with a different view, comparing two worlds and finding out what is missing and how they would make their living in the land using their ideas.

    As the doors of the world are getting wider to immigrant entrepreneurs, immigrants have been steadily growing their entrepreneurial influence, creating jobs and becoming great influencers of economic growth in countries like Australia, Canada, and the USA; however, although many immigrants have the desire to set up a business in the new lad, most of them see many obstacles in their way, forcing them to give up on their dreams. Usually, fear of failure and lack of support  are the main reasons immigrants don’t pursue their entrepreneurial dreams in the new land. 

    The Immigrantpreneur Program was developed to help the immigrant entrepreneur to:

    • Find business clarity;
    • Acquire emotional intelligence;
    • Be more assertive (get rid of negative emotions);
    • Adopt effective problem-solving strategies;
    • Learn how to overcome obstacles;
    • Be motivated;
    • Build strong business networks;
    • Explore innovative ideas; and
    • Learn to succeed as an entrepreneur