Global Leader

  • What makes a great leader?

    There are many ways to answer this questions, depending on the context of both the person asking and the person responding; however, regardless of the context, a great leader must have certain qualities which would make their leadership possible and sustainable such as confidence, communication, passion, inspiration, and decisiveness. Other attributes such as focus, integrity, and accountability are also essential qualities. 

    In a business context, other than the attributes listed above, a leader must be adaptable, think critically, and focus on obtaining the best results.

    One of the greatest challenges leaders face is when they move to a new company overseas. They become an “expat”, an immigrant, and an outsider who comes to fix and improve the current business situation. This is a difficult situation for both sides as, in a short period time, the leader needs to find a way to get to know the new community, culture, and its nuances while the local community may have ambiguous expectations regarding new leadership.

    The Global Leader Programme focuses on leaders’ development and high achievement (CEO, COO, CTO, CMO, CFO). It was developed to help them to:

    • Understand what they represent to themselves and others (personal and business context);
    • Get rid of negative emotions and feel confident;
    • Acquire emotional intelligence and overcome hardship;
    • Master cross-cultural communication;
    • Understand the new community and make it more open, receptive, and engaged to your ideas;
    • Create trust-based relationships and high levels of collaboration;
    • Find new opportunities in pressured situations;
    • Understand how to use instinctual skills to make decisions confidently;
    • Make strategic changes happen despite potential obstacles; and
    • Inspire others