Keep Moving Forward

  • Are you an immigrant or thinking of migrating?

    Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, lonely, and somewhat desperate? Would you like to have an easier migration journey? Would you like to feel complete and settle much faster in your new area?


    I am here to support you wherever you are in the world or at any stage of migration you find yourself going through

    Through the Emotional Support for Immigrants program, I can help you to


    • Improve your own understanding of the decisions around immigration as an opportunity for a new life abroad;
    • Get rid of negative emotions (sadness, depression, loneliness, shame, and anxiety) that are blocking your life to achieve your highest outcomes;
    • Break down the “immigrant status” stigma enabling you to experience a more pleasant acculturative e integrative process;
    • Improve your mental and physical health (and your family’s too!);
    • Establish a meaningful social and professional networking system; and
    • Inspire you (settled or in a process of) to believe in yourself; to feel empowered and follow your dreams.

    The Emotional Support for Immigrants can be done in group or individually, face-to-face or online. During the sessions, we will talk about:

    • The real reasons for migration;
    • Motivation;
    • Decision-making;
    • Expectations;
    • Reality; and
    • Struggles and how to overcome them.

    In addition, you will also learn how to

    • Overcome obstacles;
    • Eliminate negative emotions;
    • Achieve a healthier emotional life;
    • Adopt effective problem-solving strategies;
    • Be able to achieve more positive outcomes;
    • Build strong networking; and
    • Achieve success



    Face-to-face Group Support

    Number of sessions: Eight

    Duration: Eight consecutive weeks (1x per week)


    Online Group Support 

    Number of sessions: Eight

    Duration: Eight consecutive weeks (1x per week)


    Individual Support (Face-to-Face or Online)

    Number of sessions: Twelve

    Duration: Eleven consecutive weeks


    Is this program for people going through the immigration process only?

    No, this program brings benefits to individuals who are thinking about migrating, going through the process, and those who have settled but are still having unresolved emotional issues.


    What is the best option, face-to-face, online, group, or individual?

    This is up to you to decide. If you like to share your experiences, collaborating with others, and if you are a good listener maybe the group is a good option for you. If you prefer a more reserved session where you can talk about your issues more privately, then the Individual Support may suit your needs.


    Regarding face-to-face or online, it depends on where you are and where I am, too. I normally run face-to-face sessions in Perth, Australia and I am more than happy to come to your city to run the Programme. Please send me an email and we can discuss potential opportunities. Otherwise, online support is a successful alternative.

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